I’ve just finished reading your book. From the moment i started reading it i couldn’t put it down. There are tears running down my face as i type this, just as there were while reading your book. During reading about your journey, i laughed, i cried, my heart melted and broke for you. I can never begin to describe the admiration i have for you and everything you have overcome. I had no idea how much you have been through in your lifetime which just goes to show that everyone has their own set of battles and daemons. It was such a heart wrenching book, a heart wrenching tale. I hold the upmost of love and respect for you in ways so deeply i could never express in words. My mum and dad were and still are addicted to all kinds of drugs which has left me to spend my childhood moving from foster home to foster home and i just wish they had the courage to get clean like you did. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my sister in and loving her like your own. I’m so glad she has grown up in a loving home, i couldn’t bear the thought of her growing up like i did. So thank you, thank you so much for protecting her and looking after her. Your book is so well written, told with such raw honestly and i have so much respect for you. Everyone should be so proud of you. Every single person you have met along your journey. Your kids should be so proud to have a father like you. I find myself wishing i had a dad who cared as much about me as you do your children. They are so so lucky. Your dad would be so proud of you. You should be proud of you.
— Xenya Canberra
Hi Leonard. Had the privilege of reading your book “Coming Clean” over the weekend. In fact, picked it up Friday lunch time and read it in one session Friday night (Saturday morning!). Spectacular read. Inspirational because the end of the story is redemption of one man from the depths of crime, addiction and a trail of shattered relationships. Crime and addiction have given way to redemption and helping others. Who better to help addicts and criminals than one who has been there, done that and seen the light. At times a harrowing read. I winced at some of the raw descriptions. I also couldn’t help wondering how much more there was to the story of Leonard Ottone’s Journey that for personal or legal reasons remains untold. Should we watch out for Vol. II?

Congratulations on a number of levels. Firstly on your journey with its so far successful ending, secondly on having the courage to expose to public scrutiny what is a sometimes horrifying journey, thirdly for the inspiration you provide in the person you are and the telling of that journey - the real message is that no one, but no one is beyond salvation and redemption, and finally that your desire to help others extends even to the telling of this story and devoting the proceeds to a charity that is established to help those who may find themselves in the grip of the dug’s and addiction that once ruled your life. You’re special man!
— ‎Jack Tolj
Honestly mate after reading this book I’ve never been prouder of anyone in my life.I often take for granted what a good and easy childhood I’ve had, compared to people like you. To raise 6 kids and become the man you are today is such an achievement in itself, it makes me so happy. Appreciate everything you do for me, I love you so much daddio
— Dean Mcdonald Ottone
I spent the weekend reading your story. It was raw and confronting, but such a touching and amazing story. As young as I am, I know there’s people in the world that have never been strong enough to stick and progress with positive change like you have. I admire the strength and courage you have demonstrated in order to turn your life around for good. Ill never forget when Dean finished your book, the tears that rolled down his face. Tears of happiness and relief of your achievements. I couldn’t wait to read to see why he was feeling like that... Now I’ve finally read it and want to congratulate you. Im so glad Dean has you, and glad that you are in my life as well! You should be so proud of who you are today.. Xx
— Ella Callaway