Vicdor Living Centre

Vicdor living centre aims to provide intensive support to those seeking to minimise the harm they are facing as a result of addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Leonard ottone is the founder and Ceo of vicdor living centre


Vicdor living centre is a not for profit organisation, providing intensive support to those seeking recovery. Preliminary contact is made through referrals, word of mouth and other means. At the initial consultation information is gathered and a treatment plan is formulated.

Treatment plans vary depending on the individuals needs, from counselling, referral to detox and rehabilitation services and introduction to self help groups.

Vicdor is run by volunteers, many who have overcome their own struggle with substance abuse.

Our philosophy is that those who are recovering from addiction are well qualified to support others facing similar challenges.

Vicdor is one of many organisations that provides support and service to people who are struggling to minimise the harm associated with substance abuse.

It takes a whole community to raise and support a person from the hell that is addiction.

Vicdor receives no funding from state or federal government,

so we rely on the generosity of people like you to keep doing what we do.

Remember all donations are tax deductible.